World Pipe Band Championships

World Pipe Band Championships

The highlight of my pipe band competition days has to be winning the Grade 3 World Pipe Band Championships with Ballynahinch Pipe Band, in Glasgow in 1993.

We played simple tunes such as the 1976 Police Tattoo and Shoals of Herring, and we played them well!  But our day wasn't without hiccup.  In the qualifying section, one of our pipers didn't get started on time and we had a nervous wait to see if we would qualify for the final.

The competition year to date had been very close between ourselves and rival Northern Ireland band Ballycoan.  When the announcer called out, "Grade 3 World Champions are, Bally...", there was then a very long pause with our hearts in our mouths, before the "......nahinch" finally came!

It's not everyone who can claim to be a World Champion and this is definitely up there in my Top 10 favourite days, and no doubt a story to bore the grandchildren with in years to come!

My aim for The Silver Piper jewellery collections is to capture some of this passion and camaraderie in silver pipe band jewellery gifts for pipers and drummers.

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