Why I started making silver Pipe Band Jewellery

Why I started making silver Pipe Band Jewellery

I have been making silver jewellery since 2000 and have always been known as have a quirky and unusual artistic style.  I believe in being inspired by things that you love as this passion shines through in the jewellery you create.

I have built two successful jewellery businesses and have long had the idea to create another based on my lifelong passion for pipe bands.

A few years ago, I tried to find a jewellery gifts for a good friend of mine called Joan.  She is a tenor drummer with over 30 years experience in the pipe band world.  I searched high and low for an appropriate present for a tenor drummer, but I didn't have any success.  In the end I decided to create a necklace just for her.  I have recreated her original necklace as part of our tenor drummer jewellery range.

My Mum also told be she has struggled over the years to find quality pipe band gifts for members of our family.  So I hope the launch of The Silver Piper will provide unique quality handmade jewellery gifts for all pipe band members.

We are always looking to add new designs to our range, so do get in touch if you have ideas you would like to see recreated in silver.

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