I started as a tenor drummer

I started as a tenor drummer

I first learnt to play the bagpipes under the tutelage of Bobby Barrie in Ballykeel Black Watch Pipe Band.  This band no longer took part in competitions and so I eventually changed to Ballynahinch Pipe Band.  My grandfather had been a side drummer in this band and so it felt like a good move in my pipe band career!

But as a learner piper it was too big of a jump to compete straight away on the bagpipes.  So, while I was practising my piping, I also competed with Ballynahinch playing the tenor drum.  My time in the drum corps served me well and was a great introduction to pipe band contests.  When I finally made my first outing as a piper, I was well versed in the competitive pipe band world.

My experience in both sections of the pipe band has made me a well-rounded player and also given me a passion for both elements of pipe band music.  This passion is captured in the dynamic nature of my jewellery and I hope that both pipers and drummers will find something of interest at The Silver Piper.

Avril Manderson

The Silver Piper

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