Avril Manderson

From wannabe barrister to silversmith...how I fed my creative monster!

I once heard that creativity is like a creative monster...you need to feed it or it starts to get really mad!

As a child I loved anything creative...from drawing, playing with clay to making jewellery from tinfoil.  I would spend hours happily creating, totally absorbed in the piece of art I was bringing to life.

But then something happened...Education.  At school as a capable academic pupil I was gently guided away from the arts and towards other subjects.  When it came to choosing GCSE subjects teachers made it clear in subtle, and not-so-subtle ways, that I shouldn't choose art in favour of other more 'worthy' subjects.

So I studied hard, eventually setting my sights on a career as a barrister and signing up for a law degree.  But something didn't feel right.  That little monster started growling and I had a growing frustration with my choice of course.  It seemed stifling and I didn't feel my creativity had any use.  I finished the degree and chose to study a MSc in Communications, Advertising & Public Relations.  I felt much more at home on this course and my creative talents finally had an outlet.

When working I took a City & Guilds in Silversmithing and everything clicked into place...the monster was finally content!

After establishing two other businesses (Fresh Fleeces & AM Jewellery), selling handmade jewellery worldwide, I have finally turned my attention to one of the great loves of my life, Scottish pipe bands.

I have a long-standing interest in pipe bands and started learning the bagpipes with Ballykeel Blackwatch Pipe Band, back in 1990.  I was part of Ballynahinch's World Champion Grade 3 band in 1993. 

Now at the age of 43 I can finally say I am truly happy in my job.  It's the perfect balance of business and creativity.  The creative monster is well fed and purring away!

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