Bagpipes jewellery, silver bagpiper necklace

Bagpipes Jewellery

As a bagpipes player, I know the years of dedication and learning it takes to master the pipes.  They really are an instrument that take great skill and physical fitness to play to a high standard.

Us pipers are proud of carrying on this musical tradition and it's an achievement to be celebrated.  I remember when I was around 18 years old my friend wanted to buy me a special bagpipes related gift as a Christmas present.  She bought me a silver bagpipes necklace.  It was a nice thought, but I rarely wore the necklace as it looked a bit strange and the drones kept catching on everything I wore!  Of course I didn't tell her this and instead gushed how much I loved it!

But it was the thought that counted and she admitted to me years later that while she didn't really like the necklace that much, it was the nicest she could find as she struggled to find a quality piece of bagpipes jewellery that looked modern.

As an experienced silversmith with two jewellery businesses, it was a memory that kept popping into my head every so often.  Eventually when I had a few quiet months, I decided to head back to my design studio and see if I could come up with bagpipes jewellery that I would be proud to wear.

We now have a range of bagpipes jewellery in our online shop.  If you have an idea for a piece of bagpipe jewellery that is not online then do get in touch.  Our team of talented silversmiths will be more than happy to work with you to create an extra special jewellery gift for a piper.

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